Mentone Clovers Netball Club Bylaws


Mentone Clovers Netball Club aims to provide all players wishing to play domestic netball an opportunity to do so, and to learn and develop their netball skills in a fun, inclusive, friendly and supportive environment. The Club expects all players, members, parents and officials to embrace and display a sense of team spirit and teamwork, to respect all officials, team members and opponents, and display good conduct and sportsmanship.   


Registration Number: A0055891Y


EFFECTIVE: 28 March 2011

Amended 2 December 2014

Updated 19 May 2019 


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S.D.N.A.” means the Springvale Districts Netball Association (Update 19th May 2019)

K.D.N.A.” means the Kingston Districts Netball Association

The Club” or “Club” means Mentone Clovers Netball Club Inc.

Committee” means the Committee of Mentone Clovers Netball Club Inc. as comprised or elected from time to time and shall consist of:

  • The President, Secretary, Treasurer, KDNA Representative or Delegate (where not otherwise a member of the committee), Teams Coordinator/Registrar, Coaching Coordinator and: 

  • Two general committee members representative of the club parent group. General members will ideally be parent/Guardian of a registered player. If suitable candidates cannot be found the committee may appoint, with a majority vote,  an “External” committee member should they have relevant skills that the committee deem of benefit to the club in its operations. (Amended 2/12/2014)

Sub committees” The Committee may endorse the operation of sub committees for specific purposes and operation. Functions of sub committees will be determined by the Committee and all and any decisions of sub committees shall be subject to approval by the Committee. Sub committees may be:
    Finance sub committee
    Teams sub committee
    Other special purpose sub committees as required from time to time
Membership of sub committees is as determined by the committee. The president is ex officio on all sub committees 

Bylaws” means the rules which apply to Club members which generally deal with internal and administrative matters.  The Bylaws are made under the Constitution. Accordingly, the Bylaws are subordinate to the Constitution and must not be inconsistent with the Constitution. Where there is any conflict between the Bylaws and the Constitution, the provisions of the Constitution shall prevail.

Membermeans a fully financial member of the Club including, in the case of child members, that child’s parent or guardian.



All correspondence from the Club to KDNA must be in writing from the Club Secretary, or such other person authorised by the Committee from time to time to correspond with KDNA.
All correspondence from KDNA will be addressed to the Club Secretary or authorised person.
Correspondence with club members will be by electronic transmission (email) or delivered by newsletters and by notices on the Club web page.



The Club shall seek to provide the following information to all members prior to the start of each season:

Association contact details (access)
Association venue address
Association Rules of Competition (access)
Club Rules of Incorporation and By-Laws (access)
Fixtures for that member’s team
Team training details – date/time/venue
Contact details for Team Officials
Contact details for Club Official/s
Club calendar of Events, Closing Dates
Details of Forthcoming Courses and Seminars relevant to the Member.
Any other information deemed necessary by the Club.

The Club shall from time to time produce a Club Newsletter which  shall be distributed electronically and be available on the club web page


3.       FINANCE

3.1 Fees

 (a)     The Committee shall review and set membership fees annually.

 (b)     The fees shall be calculated to cover the anticipated costs of:

  1. Team Entry
  2. Netball Victoria membership fee
  3. Venue hire for training
  4. Equipment 
  5. Coaching costs
  6. Umpiring costs
  7. Trophies & Awards
  8. Administration costs

(c)     Fees must be paid by Members no later than the date determined by the committee for each season. 
(d)     Players will not be allocated to a team or permitted to take the court until fees are paid.
(e)     Fees are to be paid in a manner determined by the committee and are to be processed and receipted by the Treasurer.
(f)      The Committee shall have the sole discretion to waive, vary or reduce fees and the arrangements for the payment of fees for members                             experiencing financial difficulty.
(g)     Refund or Reimbursement of fees will only be considered in cases of members suffering injury or relocating and shall be the sole decision of the             Committee.
(h)    The payment of membership fees of a child under the age of 18 years automatically entitles the child’s parent to membership.


3.2 Reimbursement/Payments

 (a)   Committee members shall be entitled to claim reimbursement of legitimate expenses incurred for the benefit of the Club whilst acting in an official            capacity subject to the provision of receipts verifying such expenses and the Club Treasurer authorising reimbursement.

3.3  Administration of Club Finances.

(a)   The Treasurer or such other person authorised by the Committee from time to time shall be responsible for the administration and management of           Club Finances and shall do so in accordance with these By-Laws.

 (b)  The Treasurer shall maintain a full set of accounts recording all income received, and expenses paid and incurred, by the Club annually from 1               November to 31 October each year and a balance sheet recording the Club’s assets and liabilities from time to time and whatever other accounts             or ledgers are necessary to assist the Treasurer in the administration and management of Club finances.

 (c)  All bank accounts conducted by the Club shall have no less than two signatories who shall be the Treasurer and Secretary or the Treasurer and               such other member authorised by the Committee from time to time.

 (d)  The signatories shall be authorised to attend to the payment from the Club Bank Account all legitimate and reasonable expenses incurred on                   behalf of the Club, such as:

  1.  Team Entry
  2. Netball Victoria membership fee
  3. Venue hire for training and games
  4. Equipment 
  5. Coaching costs
  6. Umpiring costs
  7. Trophies & Awards
  8. Administration costs
  9. Court fees if applicable

 (e)  The Committee will determine the protocols for payments of any fines imposed by KDNA upon the club and the method of cost recovery of fines by          infringing players or teams as appropriate for the circumstance.

 (f)   The Treasurer shall provide a report to the Committee at each meeting summarising the state of Club finances at that time and advise of any                    irregular or extraordinary matter that has arisen with respect to Club finances.

 (g)  Club finances shall be audited annually, at the conclusion of each calendar year, by such officer or accountant appointed by the Committee from              time to time and the report arising out of such audit shall be made available for consideration by the Committee at its first meeting of the following           calendar year. The Treasurer shall make all accounts available to the appointed auditor for the purpose of completion of the audit.


(a)   The Committee shall nominate a date each season which, as far as is practicable, will be at least one month prior to the start of the competition for         which teams are to be selected.
       Players wishing to be considered for selection into a team must:
(b)  Complete the official Registration Form provided by the Club; and
      Submit the form to the Teams Coordinator by the nominated date.
(c)  All players who submit a Registration Form shall receive a Player Information Kit.
(d)  The Player Information Kit may include information such as:

  1. Due date and amount of all fees and levies that are to be paid for the season, including Registration Fees, Court Fees, Netball Victoria Fees and any other fees that may be deemed necessary for that season.
  2. Details of uniform requirements and costs.
  3. Information regarding any meetings or other requirements of the Club or Association.
  4. Medical Indemnity Form/Consent Form
  5. Codes of Behaviour and penalties for any breaches.                              

(e)   The Club reserves the right to refuse membership or selection in a team players who fail to nominate by the due date.


(a)   The Club may organise social activities annually which may include:

  1. Presentation Night at the conclusion of the spring season.
  2. One other social activity to be determined annually by the Committee.


(a)    Netball Victoria membership fee is set annually by the Victorian Netball Association Inc.
(b)    All members seeking to play for, coach and and/or umpire games involving, the Club must be current Netball Victoria members.


(a)   Participant age of players is as determined and notified by the SDNA/KDNA from time to time.
(b)   Minimum age requirements are:

  1. Open Sections - 15 years
  2. 17/Under – 14 years
  3. 15/Under – 12 years
  4. 13/Under – 11 years 

(c)   Players aged 5-7 years participate in Netskils.
(d)   Players aged 8-10 years participate in 10/Under
(e)   Players aged 11 will participate in 11/Under with finals.

8.       UNIFORM

(a)   The Club uniform is determined by the Committee from time to time but shall comprise club dress and socks predominantly blue, green, yellow and          white in colour.
(b)   The dress must be purchased through the club to maintain consistency of colour.
(c)   As far as is practicable, the Club will endeavour to subsidise the cost of members’ uniforms through fundraising efforts and activities and available           grants.
(d)   A plain long white sleeve top is optional in the colder months. (updated 19th May 2019)
(e)  Club “hoodie” is available to purchase but is a non compulsory uniform item.  (updated 19th May 2019)
(f)   Players will not be permitted to take to the court unless they are in full uniform.

 9.       9.1 SELECTION OF TEAMS

 (a)  The Committee will determine team selection policy based on KDNA/SDNA rules and the following principles:

  1. Teams will have an optimum number of 9 players per team with a maximum of 10.  
  2. The focus will be on participation and enjoyment by all players
  3. The Club reserves the right to refuse a player at or to the Club.
  4. Players will be rotated through positions during a game and throughout the season. Coaches will keep a record of players’ positions round by round, and strive for overall player development across all the skills of the game.
  5. In finals games teams will be selected on player performance only in grades Under 13 and above. Player rotations will be used wherever possible to ensure all players have a chance to participate in any finals campaign.
  6. The Committee may authorise the formation of a Teams sub-committee whose duties shall be to review all the player registrations and form teams based on age group, ability and any other criteria, as appropriate.

(b)    A Teams Sub-Committee will be chaired by the Teams Coordinator. The Teams sub-committee may consult with past and future coaches in the                formation of teams and placement of players in teams.
(c)   Selections Trials will not be conducted unless considered absolutely necessary and approved by the Committee
(d)   Selection Trials will be conducted under the following conditions:

  1. All players who have submitted payment of membership fees and a Player Registration Form shall be informed in writing of the date, time and place where Selection Trials are to be held.
  2. Notice of Selection Trials must be received at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the Trials.

(e)   The Teams sub-committee’s decision is final.



 The following principles underlie the Player placement policy, and all policies are designed to meet these principles. These principles are:

(a)   To encourage as many children as possible in our local community to play netball. 
(b)   To optimise the amount of game time that each player plays there should be 8 players per team. The maximum number of players per team in the            age groups 11 – 13&U is 10, as set out in 9, above of these By-Laws. 
(c)   The teams older than U15 will be subject to a limit of 11 players, and coaches will be required to roster off one player per week for matches, on a              rotation basis.  
(d)   Teams should be as competitive as possible in their selected division.
(e)   Players should play in positions where they have a better chance to develop.
(f)    Winning premierships is never more important than these principles.
(g)   The Club does not agree with streaming, but recognises that teams in higher divisions require greater strength and skill.  This is particularly true in            older age groups.
(h)   Players may be moved at the commencement of any season in order to meet these principles.
(i)    Friendships need to be considered, based on the philosophy that children play for enjoyment.
(i)    Teams will not be recreated from scratch each year, and are expected to be based on teams from the previous year. It is expected that movements         are made to meet the aforementioned principles only, although players should not expect to remain in the same group of players each year.
(k)   Player selection to different teams should be regarded as an opportunity to experience diversity, and players should be encouraged to adapt to,               and enjoy any changes.


The Club does recognise that the KDNA/SDNA divides its competition into divisions which are ranked according to a certain skill level.

(a)   A bias of strength will be given to teams in a higher division, but this shall not be performed on a streaming basis. This will be done for teams in               13&U and older age groups.  For teams in Nettas and 11&U, it is not expected that balancing of the teams to meet division differences will be                   required.
(b)   The grouping will be performed to provide teams with a variety of players with diverse degrees of skill, ability and confidence.
(c)    Consideration will be given, but not limited to, peer connections, i.e. existing friendships, siblings or school groupings for younger age players.
(d)   Players will be selected in teams where the Committee determines that they have the best opportunity to develop according to their skill level,                 confidence and physical ability. 
       (9.2 and 9.3 added 2/12/2014)


(a)   The Team Officials shall consist of Coach, and where appointed a Manager, and a Scorer/Timekeeper.
(b)   All appointed Team Officials shall endeavour to ensure that all players, Members, Parents and Supporters adhere to and observe the Code of                 Conduct as varied or amended by SDNA/KDNA from time to time.
(c)   Coaches          

  1. A coach is appointed for each selected team.
  2. A call for applications to Coach shall be made no later than one month prior to the season.
  3. All coaches should have a minimum Level 1 Coaching Accreditation and it is expected that they will be encouraged and supported to attain this in their first year, and to complete all other relevant or necessary accredited Coaching courses.
  4. The Club will pay the cost of accredited coaching courses after approval by the Committee.
  5. Coaches must be a minimum of 14 years of age.
  6. Coaches under the age of 17 years will require an adult Co-Coach/Team Manager/Supervisor at all training sessions and games for maintenance of duty of care and appropriate safety standards.
  7. Coaches are volunteers and their decisions are to be respected and supported by both parents and players.

(d)   Managers

  1. A manager may be appointed for each selected team.
  2. A call for applications for the position of Manager shall be made no later than one month prior to the season.

(e)   Scorer/Timekeeper

  1. A Scorer/Timekeeper is appointed for each game and would normally be provided by an attending parent.


The Committee will decide the type and number of awards to be presented in line with the club’s statement of purpose.


  1. At the conclusion of the Spring Season, a Presentation Night may be held.
  2. The date and format shall be determined annually by the Committee.      
  3. The date, time, venue and format shall be communicated to all members.
  4. Presentation of all awards shall be made on the Presentation Night.
  5. Recognition of achievements shall be made on Presentation Night.


  1. Players shall be encouraged to try out for Association Representative Teams and any other representative teams.
  2. Individual teams may apply to the Committee to enter tournaments.
  3. All costs of entering tournaments are to be met by the Team.
  4. Association and other representative team commitments take precedence over team tournament commitments.


  1. The Club may conduct fundraising activities during each year.
  2. The Committee shall determine the fundraising activities.
  3. All members are encouraged to support the fundraising activities.


  1. The Club shall provide notification of opportunities for all members to improve their skills by attending courses, seminars and other personal development activities.
  2. The Club shall encourage and support members who wish to attend appropriate courses, seminars and other personal development activities.


  1. The Club shall encourage all officials to have current appropriate minimum qualifications and shall provide whatever assistance it is able to in order for officials to obtain such qualifications.


17.1      Injury Reporting

  1. Coaches should record all injuries at the discretion of the injured player or players’ guardian (player under 18) on the Injury Reporting Sheets provided.
  2. All players in the Club are responsible for recording all injuries at the discretion of the injury player or players’ guardian (player under 18) on the Injury Reporting Sheets provided.

17.2      Pre Match Checklists

(a)   Where required a pre-match check will be completed prior to all Club matches, programs and training.
(b)   Any hazards identified during such Check are to be:

  1. Documented
  2. Rectified if possible.
  3. Reported to the appropriate agency (local council, reserve committee, Club Committee) if major repair is required.

17.3      Pregnancy

The Club adopts the Netball Victoria Policy (Infonet RM1 – Pregnancy & Netball)

17.4      First Aid

(a)   The Club will provide a First Aid Kit complying with Netball Victoria Policy (Infonet RM2 – First Aid for Netball).
(b)   The First Aid Kit will be stored with the Coach of each Team and all appropriate personnel (court supervisors, umpires and coaches) will have                 access to it at training and match days.
(c)   A volunteer to be appointed by the Committee from time to time will maintain the first aid kit supplies.     
(d)  The Club will as far as is practicable have a designated room or area for the treatment of injuries and or use such facility as is made available by               SDNA/KDNA. The room or area should be kept clean and accessible at all times.
(e)   The Club will as far as is practicable ensure that a qualified first aider is present at all competition/training activities of each team.

17.5      Emergency Procedures

        Emergency phone numbers - Ambulance, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Health Clinic and Police and an Emergency Procedure Plan is to be displayed            by the phone and in the First Aid Kit. 

17.6      Weather

       In the case of extreme weather conditions the Club will follow Netball Victoria Infonets RM3 and RM5. 

17.7      Blood Policy and Infectious Diseases

      The Club will adopt Netball Victoria Infonet U4 and RM6 relating to blood policy and infectious diseases.

17.8      Pre-participation Screening/ Medical Indemnity

(a)   All players involved with the Club will be required to complete a medical indemnity form (Netball Victoria Infonet RM7)
(b)   All forms will be destroyed at the conclusion of the season.

17.9      Smoke Free

     The Club will adopt a Smoke Free policy as prescribed by Quit Victoria. This will include indoor venues and outdoor court surroundings.

17.10    Responsible Serving of Alcohol in Sporting Clubs

     The Club will adopt a Responsible Serving of Alcohol Policy as prescribed by the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Accreditation Program.

17.11    Sun Protection

    The Club will adopt a SunSmart policy as prescribed by the Cancer Council Victoria. 

17.12    Codes of Behaviour 

   The Club will adopt Codes of Behaviour as prescribed in the Netball Victoria Member Protection Regulation.

17.13    Drug Policy

  The Club does not support the use of performance enhancing substances and views any such use as detrimental to both the sport of netball and the        spirit of the game.  The Netball Victoria drug policy, August 1993 as amended from time to time, is implemented and will apply for all Club                        competitions. 


All matters and procedures relating to discipline, suspension, dispute resolution and grievances shall be managed as provided for in the constitution.


Where this By-law is silent, a decision can be made that ensures the integrity of the Club is maintained at all times. 

The Committee may in using its reasonable discretion, in exceptional or extenuating circumstances, alter, vary or waive the requirements set out in this By-Law relating to the Club.


Except where provided or required by law and such cannot be excluded, the Club and its respective directors, officers, members, servants or agents are absolved from all liability however arising from injury or damage, however caused, arising whilst participating as a member.